Late Night Food Las Vegas

If you were to Google 'cities that never sleep' you will find Las Vegas on that list. In fact, according to you would see that Las Vegas ranks right up there with New York City when the discussion is about cities that never sleep.

With all that goes on after sundown, and keeping with the spirit of Las Vegas, where would you go for late-night food in Las Vegas?

How about a classic Las Vegas-style steakhouse with an expanded kitchen menu with the perfect balance of award-winning libation expertise?

That is the textbook definition of Cleaver, the 2018 restaurant endeavor of Nectaly Mendoza, a lifetime Las Vegas resident. Mendoza, got his start polishing glasses and learning how to bartend at the Bellagio, and now he strives for every Cleaver customer to have a dining/drinking experience that invokes the Las Vegas spirit!

Got a Late Night Appetite?

Cleaver is open daily, Monday through Sunday from 5 p.m. until midnight with the last seating at 11 p.m. the last call for the kitchen at 11:30, and the final call for the bar at 11:45 guests are welcomed to join the bar top after 11 p.m. as well.

Nowhere in Las Vegas can you get a higher quality of meat, finer spirits, and an expanded menu served at this time of night! And if you think that Cleaver is just another bar and restaurant like Mendoza's Herbs and Rye, you need to see the difference for yourself!

Mendoza says the two establishments are sisters but with a difference. Cleaver is more of a nod to the traditional Vegas steakhouse, off the Strip yet full of the Vegas spirit. The renowned award-winning cocktails from Cleaver are an experience in and of themselves and the expertise of libations is evident throughout a Cleaver late-night food run in Las Vegas!

Mendoza personally guarantees that every person dining at Cleaver is to have an amazing time, an amazing steak, and amazing cocktails time and time again no matter what time it is! That special ambiance that makes Cleaver special is alive and well at 11:30 in the evening, as it is at 5 p.m. when the doors open!

The Perfect Late-Night Menu at Cleaver!

From simple comfort food items like wings and fries to gourmet delicacies. The Cleaver menu can be as complex as Squid Ink Pasta, Chicken Ballotine, or the Classic Cleaver Surf-n-Turf of a 32 oz Tomahawk Ribeye and two 9 oz. Lobster Tails with Red Wine Glaze, Whiskey Potatoes, and Asparagus (yes, this is a meal for two!).  You won't find a more diverse and comprehensive menu at any other Vegas steakhouse!  

The Cleaver Happy Hour also favors those with late-night thirsts! The Cleaver Happy Hour is all day, every day with "well drink specials" from opening at 5 p.m. until the last call for the bar at 11:45 p.m.

So, the next time your Las Vegas adventures keep you out there and going strong past your normal dinner time, relax, Cleaver has got the ideal solution for your late-night food runs in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!

Cleaver Las vegas
We are open every day from 5 pm to midnight, and are closed on most major holidays.

We are located 1.5 miles from the Strip, and 1 mile from the Las Vegas Convention Center.