Date Night Las Vegas

Are you looking for a special place in Las Vegas to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or perhaps a honeymoon? How about a place that is just off the beaten path yet still provides that bit of ambiance in a dining experience that features the very essence of Las Vegas in its exquisite food enhanced with award-winning cocktails?

That could only be Cleaver! This 7000 square foot restaurant and bar are just off the Strip in Las Vegas and has the ideal setting for a romantic dinner Las Vegas-style!

Cleaver Is Your Date Night Destination

Cleaver is the brainchild of restaurateur Nectaly Mendoza, a local Las Vegas resident that grew up in the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. But it was his devotion to learning the art of bartending and mixology that led to his first restaurant experience, Herbs and Rye, and ultimately to Cleaver in 2018.

Is Cleaver a copy of Herbs and Rye? Quite the opposite. Mendoza says they are sisters but each one has its distinct flavor and personality. With Cleaver being off the main Strip you will get everything Vegas in an atmosphere that will enhance any occasion for that romantic dinner in Las Vegas.

Mendoza says he opened Cleaver to reflect his evolved perspective on life. His first restaurant, Herbs and Rye, is a nod to the low-key late-night cocktail bar slash hole-in-the-wall for industry workers whereas Cleaver is an ode to the classic Las Vegas steakhouse that features an expanded seasonal menu with the perfect balance of their renowned award-winning libation expertise!

Cleaver was founded on some longtime friendships, a love for delicious food, and a goal that each person has an amazing dining experience time after time!

That does sound like a dining experience that can deliver the goods when looking for a romantic dinner in Las Vegas!

Planning Your Cleaver Romantic Dinner in Las Vegas

If you would like to make your special romantic dinner in Las Vegas reservation with Cleaver, you can click the reservations button on the top right of the screen and book your special night!

Then go have some Vegas fun and relax now that you have solid dinner plans for that special someone!

Putting it All Together!

Whatever the occasion is for your romantic dinner while in Vegas, think for a moment about the love you have for the person that will be dining with you. From the first time you ever saw this person to the occasion that brings you together for this romantic dinner has been a life-long commitment that has fueled your passion for them.

That is exactly why you need to celebrate with Cleaver. Nowhere in Las Vegas can you enjoy a dining experience that is this passionate about food and drink. Nectaly Mendoza gives you his personal guarantee of an amazing romantic dinner in Las Vegas with every sip and every bite!

Cleaver Las vegas
We are open every day from 5 pm to midnight, and are closed on most major holidays.

We are located 1.5 miles from the Strip, and 1 mile from the Las Vegas Convention Center.